Red Envelopes Large Set of 38 Lucky Money

Red Envelopes Large Set of 38 Lucky Money
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Ya Sui Qian (Money to Keep for the Year) Traditional, Red Money Envelopes hold "lucky" or small, precious gifts such as gold or jade jewelry. They are used to enhance luck, prosperity, and happiness. Place three coins or bills in an envelope and place atop the frame of a doorway, in your prosperity corner, in your cash register, or accounting book. You can also create your own prosperous affirmation to place inside the envelope. br/> If you receive payment for your services in person, ask your client to place the payment within a red envelope instead of handing the payment directly to you. This removes any karma or energy from your client to you. We can pick up vibrations of energy from our clients or others which can be positive or negative energy. The red envelope brings good luck to any money that is placed inside, therefore, any negative energies will not pass on to you.
Included: 38 Red Envelopes
These envelopes are also available in a pack of 3 within our store.
Size: 8.50" x 4.75"

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