Purification Soy Candle by Magrats Spell

Purification Soy Candle by Magrats Spell
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Purification is the act of removing negative or unwanted energies. To do so, picture in your minds eye what it is you wish to purify. Imagine a pure spring rain falling gently down washing all impurities away, leaving it clean without any unwanted energetic vibrations. When this is done, light the candle and protect the image.
This candle was created so that your spell be enhanced and continue once the candle has been lit till it is finished. To do so the lid must be on when the flame is out, to keep the energies intact.
Magrats spell candles are made of the finest soy wax and corresponding organic herbs and oils to manifest the desired results.
Magrats spell jars are designed to make burning long term candles safer. Now there is no need to leave a candle lite when you are away, so there is no more worries about pets, children, or wind knocking over an unattended candle. The spell will remain activated as long as the cover is on, and your spell will be ready when you are. The cap will draw in the energies you are working with. This candle is made from soy wax, which will burn cleaner and is healthier for us, our pets and the planet.
8 oz jar with lid

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