Pendulum Vortex Metal Spiral

Pendulum Vortex Metal Spiral
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The pendulum can be used in place of dowsing rods. It can also be used for analysis of human character and mentality to provide enlightening information on people in the news, candidates for public office, business executives, the clergy and many others, living or dead.

"When most people think of dowsing, or divining, they think of using a forked tree branch to find a place to drill a water well. This is how dowsing started, but dowsing has gone far beyond looking for water. Dowsing can be used to find many things besides water, such as pipes, wiring, lost objects, and buried treasure. However, I use dowsing, combined with prayer and blessing, to help people grow spiritually and take charge of their lives to find the treasure buried within.

We are energy beings living in a world of energy. We change the subtle energy around and within us with every thought, action, and emotion. With negative thoughts and emotions, we bring detrimental energies into our living environments and into our beings. We literally surround and fill ourselves with our fears, our anger, our resentment, and other negative emotions that hold us back in life and can make us sick. With positive, joy-filled thoughts and emotions and with prayer and blessing, we surround and fill ourselves with living beneficial energies that bring us more joy, healing, prosperity, and success. You can find these energies with dowsing.

The more we understand what is going on energetically, behind the scenes in life, the more we can take charge of the process. Dowsing, especially with L-rods, can be a powerful tool to explore the world of subtle energies and learn more about how we are intimately tied to these energies. Applied intent through prayer and blessing is how we can take charge of the process, taking ever more control over our lives. Dowsing combined with prayer and blessing is the most powerful spiritual tool I've ever found." Quoted from Joey Korn

As a feng shui consultant, I have found L-rods and Pendulums very beneficial in my practice. Others are always amazed at how energies that surround us can affect our well being. After following some basic instructions you will be well on your way to discovering where beneficial and non beneficial energies are within your space.
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