Organizing Services One Week

Organizing Services One Week
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This is for the purchase of one week of Organizing Services. All Organizing Services begin with a 1 hour Consultation to map out a plan of action and can be used within this purchased time slot. Please read below for additional information.

Organizing can awaken your space and the lives of those within the home or office. Take control of the chaos and learn how to use your space to support your life's endeavors. If your looking for a system that is tailor made to you then our Organizing Services will help you take charge of that so called chaos.

What can you expect after Organizing
You will know exactly what you have.
Your space will hold only those things that you love and use.
Everything will be where you need it.
The right containers mean stuff will have a home.
Your life will be free of blockage and free to flow with positive energy.
You will feel free, energized, and amazingly abundant.
Decreased stress of all kinds.
Increase creativity, productivity, time management, clarity and vision.

How do Organizing Services work?
Services begin with a 1 hour consultation within the space. The consultation consists of mapping out a plan of action for time needed to sort, toss, contain, and simplify everything within the space. It's at this time that we decide if you prefer to work along side with the practitioner or if you would prefer to leave the space while the services are done. Organizing Consultations will save you much time and money in the end. You can relate this to mapping out a plan for a vacation for less stress and peace of mind knowing where your headed. (This purchase is for one week (25 hours) of Organizing Services.)

Everyone has some sort of clutter within a space but it's being aware and taking action to take control of the clutter instead of letting it control you.

After purchase you will be contacted via phone or email to setup a time for the consultation with the practitioner.

This purchase is for an allotted time of one week (25 hours). Organizing Services are available within Washington and Benton Counties of Arkansas

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