Live Your Intention Program

Live Your Intention Program
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Join us for a nine month program to bring balance in your life's journey through your personal intentions. Learn how to organize your intentions into specific areas of your life, thus making it easier to understand and manifest a personal intention.

We are constantly transferring energy from our bodies into the external environment and vice versa. For example:

* Have you ever walked into a room after an argument and felt tense?
* Have you ever thought about someone then suddenly to your amazement the phone rings and it's the very person you were thinking about?
* Have you ever felt someone's presence behind you so you turn to find someone behind you or staring at you from across the room?

The energy field of the body is much like a radio wave tuning into a favorite station.

Intention is a journey that will awaken your body, mind, soul, and environment. By opening the door and stepping into your own power you will identify with intentions that serve you for the highest good. You will learn how to become aware of shifts in your life, move through them with grace, and expand upon your intention setting to produce desirable outcomes.

With intention come tension, the joy in this is that YOU get to make the next choice for your intentions to become reality. Be grateful for who you are, where you're currently at in life, and where your intentions can lead you.

When: Jan - Sept
Time: TBA
Where: Tele-Seminar
Can't make the calls? No problem, they are recorded for playback.
Want to take advantage of this workshop but need to pay over a period of time? Contact Us to ask for a payment plan.


- Intention Community
- One 60 minute group call a month.
- Audios of calls
- Audio Intentions
- Video Intentions
- Bonus call with someone that specializes in the field of the current month's group intention.


Life's Journey - Jan
Contemplation - Feb
Community - Mar
Prosperity - April
Luck - May
Partnerships - June
Feminine Energy - July
Masculine Energy - Aug
Well Being - Sept

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