Live Your Intention - Open The Door To Your Lifes Journey

Live Your Intention - Open The Door To Your Lifes Journey
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Throughout life, we are given advice about which path to take from others that want the best for our future. When we limit ourselves, by what others believe, we feel lost if we are not flowing with our own life's purpose.

How can we get back into the flow? Ease into alignment with the simple steps, within this book, that will help you connect to your intended life's journey through natural elements and the power of intention. This is a mini book that is the first chapter of Live Your Intention

Kandi Phillips is the founder of Awaken Your Space TM where she brings awareness of the energetic flow of balance within a home or office. She offers ongoing support through the "Live Your Intention"© workshops.

This book has a message that continues through an online study environment where you will find expanded content on the message, audio and video clips, graphics, pictures, and links to resources related to this book.

Plus, we invite you to take advantage of a very special pass along concept attached to this book. Each book has a pass along number that you can register online and watch the path of the book. It's fun!

Here what others are saying about this mini book:
"This book of gentle reflection encourages attention to the underlying journey beneath life's daily events. Ms. Phillips reminds us that no journey is without its surprises, but like water, we can flow through our life's experiences by realigning often with our life's purpose."
Sharon Stasney, author of Feng Shui Chic

"Thank you so much for your book. This is such a great idea and so very user friendly. You speak to the reader as if speaking to a friend. You have my blessings, and love always and forever."
Denise Linn - Best Selling Author, Speaker and founder of Interior Alignment Feng Shui® and Soul Coaching®

"I ordered Live Your Intention and it sat on my nightstand for a few weeks. It seems I was waiting for just the right time to pick it up. One day I decided to take a walk up to the beach to grab a cup of coffee and thought that would be the perfect reading material. As I sat in the coffee shop and began the book you can imagine my surprise when it said "stop reading now and go to the water"--I laughed knowing that clearly the book before I even started it had drawn me to the ocean. I decided to cross the street and actually sit on the beach to complete the exercise because I got the sense that when I was across the street from the ocean with cars passing by--that's how my life or intention often feels--like there is a distraction or something in the way. The questions were great and actually fairly easy to answer. What I'm working on now-that's key-is creating the plan around that intention. Thank you for the reminder and guide. Live Your Intention is a gift!"
Laura Duksta - New York Times Bestselling Author, I Love You More Over 250,000 copies sold

"Kandi Phillips has helped me and my business grow by sharing her expertise as a professional organizer and certified Feng Shui practitioner. This book reveals the importance of personal reflection and the flow of energy to success of any new endeavor. I highly recommend it to anyone beginning a new journey in life!" Shannon Burnett, CEO and Founder, Conscious Living Partnership

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