Health Gourd Green Wu Lu Gourd

Health Gourd Green Wu Lu Gourd
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Placing a beautiful Wu Lu gourd in the bedroom, especially near the bed on a bedside table is a powerful way to symbolize longevity and harmony in the relationship. The double gourd shape is said to represent male and female energy.

12 inches

Master Joseph Yu tells us:"One popular Feng Shui item used by Feng Shui masters is the calabash. The ancient sage Fu Xi watched the images in Heaven and the laws on Earth, examined the markings on birds and beasts, studied the suitability of the soil. He related his body parts that are closest at hand and various objects that are far reaching and classified them into eight categories each being known as a trigram. This is to display the wonder of creation and compare the characteristics of various things. There are eight trigrams and each represents real and abstract things. One of the trigrams is Dui. One of the many representations of Dui is detaching a fruit that hangs on vines. Dui is also soft metal. The body part that is represented by Dui is the mouth. Moreover, the Earlier Heaven Dui is the Later Heaven Xun. One such object that represents the Dui trigram is the dried calabash with an open mouth. The dried fruit has a golden yellow color that represents metal. What is the use of the Dui trigram then? We know that sickness energy is represented by Star #2 or the Kun trigram. Changing the first and second lines of a trigram will yield the star Ju Men or Tian Yi (Heavenly Doctor). Now changing the first and second lines of the Kun trigram gives us exactly the Dui trigram. This is why the calabash is used to cure sickness. This not a coincidence that medical doctors in the old days in China used the calabash as a container of medicine. The ancient sage classified objects according to the eight trigrams. Feng Shui masters in the past analyzed qi using the transformation of the trigrams. Cures are also based on the relationship between the trigrams. It is not just the five elements!" -Master Joseph Yu
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