Gypsy Bracelet Aqua

Gypsy Bracelet Aqua
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The art of lampworking is a highly skilled trade. Lampwork beads are handcrafted using age old techniques of molding molten glass around a stainless steel rod. The glass is turned and molded into different shapes, often using specialized hand tools to create more intricate shapes and designs. Glass lampwork beads can be produced in a variety of styles, for example, with dots, stripes, and flowers, as well as a mix of layers and a multitude of colors. These beads exhibit incredible depth, as each bead takes on its own unique characteristics. The molten glass is then cooled very slowly in a kiln, to prevent cracks and fractures from forming. The cooling process is very precise, and is said to be more important than even the shaping of the bead itself. The process is called annealing, where the bead is soaked in heat to make sure all layers remain at the same temperature. Proper cooling ensures that the bead reaches its maximum life span.
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