Fortune Frog Snatch with Dragonfly

Fortune Frog Snatch with Dragonfly
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Designed and Sculpted by artist James I. Van Epps
This Fortune Frog's name is "Snatch". Snatch is very sly and slinky. While you are mesmerized by his smile, he will slowly stretch his leg and snatch one of your valuable jewels. He likes the thrill of a challenge, for he always sneaks back and returns your bobbles.
Snatch is holding in his foot a two inch purple and blue dragonfly. Dragonflies are normally found near water because they are born in the water. When they grow up, they still hang around water despite the fact their number one predator is a frog. Lucky for this dragonfly, Snatch is a vegetarian!
Made of poly resin. Measures 15" L x 5 1/2" W x 2 1/2" H
A fortune frog is universally known to bring good luck. In Japan, a loved one keeps a frog charm for a safe return home. In Egypt, a frog brings fertility. Even folklore's in Ireland use the frog symbol to attract good fortunes.
A special kind of frog from the Orient is believed to bring money and wealth. It is called the "Feng Shui" frog. Your fortune frog is based upon the Feng Shui principle. It is an ancient Chinese art of living in harmony with the surroundings. Feng Shui uses symbolic motifs to depict good fortunes. When our surroundings have symbols placed as decorations, we are reminded of good fortunes. In other words, Feng Shui and positive thinking have a lot in common. Fortune frogs help us be more optimistic.
Your frog was created to bring you, a loved one or even a friend, blessings in life. Let your frog do something special for you. To help bring extra fortune into your life, keep this frog in a familiar surrounding in your home or office. Place a symbol of what you hope to attract in life near your frog. This way, every time you see your frog, you will be reminded and motivated to achieve what you seek. For example:Place a dollar bill under your frog if you wish to attract wealth.

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