Flat Spiral Dielectric Resonator

Flat Spiral Dielectric Resonator
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  • Item #: BRI-14
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: BRI-14
The Flat Spiral Dielectric Resonator has a turquoise ceramic energy bead set inside fiberglass coil, encased in energy amplifying resin coil. Very strong diffusive energy. Creates circular field approximately 180' at widest dimension. Neutralizes harmful radiations from the ground, or electromagnetic sources.
Useful placed under your bed at night, to help get rid of aches and to protect yourself from intrusive energy fields such as found in apartment houses and in nature. Also useful under your seat at offices, in your purse while traveling, and in your car when travelling under power transformers. Most beneficial for someone with sleep disturbances caused by rising earth energies from Curry Grid geopathic zone intersections.
Size: 2 3/4" round x 1/2" high
You could compare this function to what your catalytic converter does to the car exhaust. Catalysts change other materials without being damaged themselves. Because of it's structure, Crystal Catalyst does NOT WEAR OUT!
If you would like further information before purchasing please contact us or visit the Awaken Your Space Blogs to learn more.
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