Feng Shui for Kids Kit

Feng Shui for Kids Kit
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This is a fun empowering way for children to be active participants in creating an environment that supports their own balance, good health and happiness.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of placement for enhanced energy flow. The Bagua Map is used as an aid in the practice of Feng Shui. The Bagua Map or layout of the room is designed to represent a different area of your life.

"My daughter was insistent on hanging her Fresh Picked Rainbow in the front left corner of her room in a difficult to reach area by her closet door. I tried to convince her to put it in the open rear left corner near her window but she refused. I decided to check my Bagua Map to see why she might have chosen that specific area. The map indicated that it was the corner for knowledge and self cultivation. This being too difficult a description for a child I renamed it for her. I called it her knowledge and learning area. What a smart and connected child! She was struggling with school at the time and she innately chose to enhance her knowledge and learning area. This inspired me to create and share The Children?s Bagua Map so that parents and children can further explore what they already know and continue to feel good." Lori

Let your child use the map to help them decide where they want to hang their Fresh Picked Rainbow or let them hang it first and then check the bagua map.

Have fun and trust your child's instinct!

Bagua Map/Fresh Picked Rainbow Gift Set (Includes 1 Rainbow String Hanger plus the Children Bagua Map.) Bagua map is 4¾" x 6" and laminated
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