Feng Shui Local Consultation

Feng Shui Local Consultation
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Do you know if your home is creating a missing section of your life? Maybe it's the wealth, self knowledge, helpful people or marriage/relationship area. Would you like to learn how to tap into these energies? After years of applying simple inexpensive techniques, our clients are creating their own reality and you can too through your own environment such as your home, office, land, or even your vehicle.

Feng Shui? But does my decor have to be Chinese or my front door the color of red?
No! That's what's so simple: textures, shapes, placement, colors, lighting, and furniture density all play a key role in our environment and how they can affect one's life purpose or for that matter everyone living in the environment.

Do something special for yourself or another with a Feng Shui Consultation. Consultations take anywhere from 1 to 5 hours depending upon the size of the home or office. If you have a floor plan of the space this will save you time and money however we can draw up the floor plan for you. (This purchase is for an allotted time of 1 hour increments. Save more by purchasing the two day Feng Shui services.)

We have energies all around us that are unseen to the eye but they do present positive and negative aspects to our lives. Why not be aware of your surroundings to benefit your life.

After purchase you will be contacted to setup a time for the consultation with the practitioner. Long distance consultations are also available however you would already need a floor plan along with pictures of the space. A long distance consultation will save you money as the practitioner will not be taking pictures or traveling to the space.

This purchase is for an allotted time of 1 hour increment. If purchasing the two day Feng Shui Services you can use your consultation within that allotted time. See our Feng Shui Services Two Day for additional information.

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