Dream Fairies Secret Lock Box

Dream Fairies Secret Lock Box
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Designed and Sculpted by artist James I. Van Epps
Each Magic Lock Box was painstakingly created to hide a treasure box within a work of art. Each piece has a unique theme expressed through the detail and unparalleled sculpting style of the artist. Rarely does art and function work so well together. Your private and valuable possessions may be hidden in a Magic Lock Box.
Can you figure out how to open yours? The trick is to find a secret peg that is part of the sculpture. Once you slide the peg upwards, the rest of your box will magically come apart.
4 ½" L x 3 ½" W x 5" H
There are 3 dream fairies on this box. The one on top is kneeling between a tree and 3 large mushrooms. The front side has another kneeling fairy with butterfly wings. The left side has a dragonfly and the right side has a feathery butterfly. The back door has a resting fairy peering through the wall. Each fairy looks so dainty yet sexy. The box is outlined by a bottom row of pink and purple flames.
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