Dowsing A Path To Enlightenment by Joey Korn

Dowsing A Path To Enlightenment by Joey Korn
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As a feng shui consultant, I have found L-rods very beneficial in my practice. Others are always amazed at how energies that surround us can affect our well being. After following some basic instructions you will be well on your way to discovering where beneficial and non beneficial energies are within your space.
Awaken Your Space is pleased to offer this down to earth easy to follow book about dowsing by Joey Korn. He is very open to his adventure in welcoming this wonderful talent into his life. Anyone wanting learn more about energies that are unseen to the eye should read this book.
Quote from Joey Korn: Dowsing A Path to Enlightenment is about my insights into life that I've gained through dowsing combined with prayer and blessing. I discovered dowsing, or divining, in 1986 from a kindly old man who helped me find my septic tank with two bent-up coat hangers. This was no big deal to him, but I was spellbound. I've been dowsing ever since.
I immediately saw dowsing as a tool to increase spirituality. Dowsing gives us the ability to explore the unseen world of the subtle but powerful energies that are hidden behind all of life. When you dowse for water, you're really detecting the energy field of the water rather than the physical water. Since everything is ultimately energy, everything can be dowsed. With dowsing, you can explore and unlock the secrets of the universe.
You can easily learn to use dowsing to detect and identify many different subtle but powerful energies that are in your living environment. Some of these energies, like the energies of some underground streams, noxious rays, and the electromagnetic fields (EMF's) radiating from TV's, computers screens, wires, etc. can weaken us and make us ill. Other energies are beneficial; they enhance our health, our moods, and our relationships. Detrimental Earth energies are also called geopathic lines or geopathic stress zones.

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