Divine Soles Earth Energy Shoe Inserts

Divine Soles Earth Energy Shoe Inserts
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How to use Divine Soles
With included size template, cut Divine Soles to fit inside your shoes. Wear purple side up. Divine sole (or left over cuttings) may also be placed on different areas of the body. Chakra balancing will only occur with Divine Soles under the feet.

Energize Anything!
Kiniseology tests show placing any item on a Divine Sol for 10 seconds will powerfully raise its good energy value.

"A Forest Under Your Feet"
Plants, Flowers, Rocks and Trees
Specific Balancing Blends of the following delivered to you in a Liquid Crystal Natural conducting process.
Black Tourmaline
Red Jasper
Smokey Quartz
Green Aventurine
Carnelian and More
(Liquid Crystal) Over 43 Plant Oils and Extracts
Known for Health
Pain Relief
Gentle Energy
Grounding (Stability)
Protection from
Negativity and EMF's

*Sole Material Crystal base, food grade silicone and Purple catalyst
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