Decorating Services Two Day

Decorating Services Two Day
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This purchase is for two days of Decorating Services. All Decorating Services begin with a 1 hour Consultation and can be used within this purchased time slot. Decorating Consultations evaluate the amount of time and service that would benefit the client in time and money. It's at this time that we decide if you prefer to work along side with the decorator or if you would prefer to leave the space while the services are done. Decorating Consultations will save you much time and money in the end. You can relate this to mapping out a plan for a vacation for less stress and peace of mind knowing where your headed.

Decorate In A Day
Decorate In A Day is very affordable and helps you get a project done in one day. The whole day is dedicated to your project whether it be one room or two. We strive to use what is already available within your home, however you will be left with a list of items that you can purchase as your budget allows.

Interior Rearrangement
Interior Rearrangement is a great concept of working with everything you already own. In other words, if you already have a beautiful home, would like a change but just don't quite know what to do, then this is for you. Lets say you just moved into a space with existing furniture but not sure of how it will all tie together. This can be overwhelming but with guidance and support we can help you create a peaceful environment. Everyone likes a fresh new look and this is the way to get it! Fees are based on the amount of days needed to complete your rearrangement.

Real Estate Staging
Real Estate Staging is a great way of making that fabulous first impression when you are selling your home. No matter if you are listing your home with an agent or selling it yourself, we can help you get that asking price in a short period of time. From the beginning stages of evaluation to open houses we can help you or your agent move the property. The fees for this service vary depending upon the size of the home or model.

(This purchase is for an allotted time of 10 hours.)
After purchase you will be contacted via phone or email to setup a time for the decorating services.

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Price $200.00

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