Crystal Lotus Purple 3 Inch Hand Cut

Crystal Lotus Purple 3 Inch Hand Cut
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The Lotus Flower is highly regarded in China. The Lotus grows in dark wet places but grows into the most beautiful of flowers. The Lotus is said to inspire you to excel reach new heights. The Lotus symbolizes rising from troubles times and becoming stronger so long as you are sincere and honest. The Lotus symbolizes perfection and beauty that can only be reached on a higher plane. The Lotus is held in high esteem because it grows in the most miserable of places yet manages to become one of the most exquisite flowers. You will often see the a Buddha or Quan Yin statue sat on a Lotus because the Lotus is a symbol of purity and goodness. Place your crystal lotus near a window that receives sunshine so that your room will be filled with cascades of rainbows that will bring positive energies and a feeling of tranquility to your home. If you are seeking a perfect partner place a Crystal Lotus in your romance area to symbolize a perfect union.
Exquisite Hand cut Crystal Lotus Flower available in a variety of sizes. This one measures about 3 inches in diameter. Serene and beautiful, sparkling and reflecting different colors of light. These are specially made very high quality crystal flowers. It comes in a handsome gift box and makes a terrific gift.
Color: Purple
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