Create Your Dreams

Create Your Dreams
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Create UR Dreams was created in support and celebration of the premise that we are meant to live abundant, happy lives, filled with all of the good things and situations that bring us joy. The universe wants us to live life fully and experience all of its wonders. We are meant to bloom like a big tall tree or a delicate flower, however we are inspired to express the life force energy that exists within us! In support of that, without judgment or conditions, it responds to our every desire and as we follow the principles of the universal Laws of Attraction, that which we desire can be ours!
Create UR Dreams was developed as a generic means of expressing and utilizing the Law of Attraction, and can be used to manifest all of your desires. This product, a 15 X 20? mirror, framed with the steps of manifestation, is a special way to make your dreams come true! Etched with the words, ASK, BELIEVE, IMAGINE, ALIGN, and RECEIVE, your desires are supercharged and reflected out into the universal department store where they are simply awaiting your retrieval. Dispersed on the mirror as well, are the universal spirals of Gratitude, to remind you that the process of manifestation must begin with gratitude and the belief that what you desire is already yours!
Create UR Dreams reflects out to the universe all that you place upon it for manifestation. It energizes exactly what you are placing your order for, whether it be a new car, a new house, a new job, or a new overflowing bank account ? any improvement you wish to make in your life!! Create UR Dreams is like an express mail order facility!!!
Included in your manifestation kit are suggested affirmations which, when sent out into the universe on a regular basis, energize the alignment portion of the necessary process for manifestation. Affirmations send energy directly into the energetic stream for connection with the object you are manifesting. Remember?whatever you place your focus upon expands!!
Included are: one 15? X 20? mirrored dream board, suggested affirmation decals, blank decals for creating your own affirmations, as well as full instructions on the manifestation process. So, go ahead, join the creative stream and Create UR Dreams!
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