Coin Set Chinese Round Set of 10

Coin Set Chinese Round Set of 10
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Chinese coins symbolize prosperity and their meaning originates from ancient times when coins were worn as amulets of protection against disease, evil or negative energy directed at the wearer. This reproduction is fashioned after the ancient Chinese coin which is round with a square in the center. This represent heaven and earth, making it all the more powerful. They can be used in Feng Shui to represent prosperity and wealth or for I-Ching (the ancient Chinese Oracle).
Coins are a great symbol of wealth, for they represent money. Placing three or eight coins tied together with a red thread in your purse, taped into your invoice book or on the cash register is one of the most effective ways to attract money and revenues into your life. Can also be placed in a wealth corner (the furthest back left corner of a room or building).
These 10 Chinese Qing Dynasty coins are replicated from the years 1644 to 1911. They are sorted and packaged in individual plastic pouches with their matching years of issuance. The back of the card insert has interesting facts about the history of Chinese coins. They will not bend like other thinner coins on the market.
Size: 1" diameter

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