Childrens Wellness Curriculum

Childrens Wellness Curriculum
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This turnkey curriculum creatively integrates lessons, stories, songs, movement and artwork to make it easy for any teacher or parent to implement. No prior teaching experience is needed! This curriculum is written with elementary age children in mind but can be adjusted to accommodate any age group. Each lesson or session is designed to introduce wellness techniques to encourage children to live a healthful life. Children learn to apply these empowering techniques in a safe, fun and interactive environment.

About the Curriculum:
This curriculum is designed to accompany the Indigo Dreams: Garden of Wellness audio/CD. Like the Children's Stress Awareness Curriculum, each lesson integrates stories, songs, movement, artwork and visual aids making it easy for any teacher or parent to implement.

Six tracks give you options! Use the stories when you have time for a complete wellness lesson or as an addition to your established lesson plan. Listen to a story to spark a group conversation on these powerful subjects. Use one of the three practice sessions as part of a lesson or when you want to relax or de-stress your class. Use the calming music track anytime or while children are working.

The difficult issue of bullying is addressed in The Perfect Club. Any child that has encountered being teased or excluded by their peers will benefit from the techniques presented in this heartwarming story of acceptance. Various stress-management, coping strategies provide wellness benefits for any child. Children are encouraged to see the beauty in our differences. Great way to get your class started on a year of acceptance and tolerance.

Children learn how food choices and amounts affect mind and body with Caterpillar Choices. Affirmations support this message while building self-esteem and confidence. Children are encouraged to make healthy food choices and empowered to make changes to their lives. Integrate with lessons in nutrition and importance of exercise. Great way to inspire your class to bring healthy snacks!

This program can be used alone or incorporated into your current program. It can be followed exactly or you can add your own philosophies. The lessons can be presented in any order. Pick and chose what works for you. Be creative and add your own touch by substituting art projects, activities and games. Try role playing or turning a story into a play. I encourage you to use this as a spring board to your own creativity.

This curriculum is non-denominational and can be used with any group of children.

Class Format:
Each class is structured in the following format.

Movement: Each class opens with a movement activity. Songs and movement help children to release energy while introducing the lesson.

Story Time/Lesson: Indigo Dreams: Garden of Wellness CD make lessons easy! The stories, lessons and supporting techniques offer children tangible methods to achieve wellness.

Discussion: Children will discuss how they should apply the wellness techniques or lessons they have experienced to their own lives. Conversation examples are provided.

Creative Activity: Each lesson includes an art handout or activity to support and reinforce the positive message.

This Curriculum Kit contains:
The Indigo Dreams: Garden of Wellness CD (2 stories/ 3 practice sessions/music sound track) ~ Wellness Flag Set ~ Three complete lessons with detailed step by step instructions, art handouts and certificate of completion all packaged in a sturdy storage case.
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