Cellphone Tab

Cellphone Tab
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  • Item #: BRI-06
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: BRI-06

This personal protective tab is a silicone based advanced ceramic material. It is a catalyst because it was discovered that it enhances the beneficial energy of gemstones, magnets, and many other materials. It also alters the harmful aspects of most natural and electronic environmental energies.

The Cellphone Tab clears most harmful radiations from phones: cellular, cordless, or corded. Affix adhesive backing to top of phone or behind earpiece. May be attached to outside of carrying case. It is effective at protecting the user from the powerful microwaves that are directed into the brain.

Size: 1/2" round x 1/4" high

You could compare this function to what your catalytic converter does to the car exhaust. Catalysts change other materials without being damaged themselves. Because of it's structure, Crystal Catalyst does NOT WEAR OUT!

If you would like further information before purchasing please contact us or visit the Awaken Your Space Blogs to learn more.

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