Cats Eye 50mm Tricolor Crystal Scrying Ball

Cats Eye 50mm Tricolor Crystal Scrying Ball
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Thousands of enthusiasts around the world collect colored spheres, mostly because of their beauty and symmetrical appeal. These magnificent spheres are made from fiber optics (man made Ulexite). Man made Ulexite, is comprised of parallel optical fibers, which transmits light from one end of the sphere to the other. Each color is designed as a unique vibrational experience, celebrating life and spirit. Ulexite is said to bring insight into self and others and sheds light on solutions to difficulties. It also is known for amplifying dreams, stimulating imagination and creativity.
In Feng Shui each specific color can be placed in the corresponding area to enhance the specific auspicious energy: pink/love, green/money and healing, purple/spirituality, yellow/mental clarity, orange/business, blue/calming, turquoise/peace and friendship, brown/attainment, black/protection, gray/unconscious thought, white/blessings, gold/wealth and winning, jeweled multi color/wealth Also, great for meditation and hypnosis.
Wealth and Abundance is associated with jewel tones. While Crystals are associated with healing and mediation. Place this object within the wealth area of your office to invite abundance but also to remind you to take time out for meditation.
Includes: Cat's Eye Ball, Stand and Silk Box
Size: 2" Round

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