Attraction Bracelets Vibes Up

Attraction Bracelets Vibes Up
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It's In The Coating! Beautiful gemstones have been selected for their natural attributes, infused with precious essential oils, then infused in a patent pending Liquid Crystal Coating, to bring you a bracelet that has been amplified for a specific theme transforming it's abilities to attract more of what you desire in your life. Very similar to an antenna receiving radio signals, these bracelets have been transformed through this special process combining these vibrational therapies in a way that amplifies the energy from a regular antenna to a powerful satellite. Since some energy is attracted to more than one type of gemstone, we offer a selection of gemstones your bracelet is made from.
Use drop down box to specify which one you would like. Available Themes: Abundance/Prosperity, Allergy Relief, Balance (Work, Life, Hormones), Clarity/Memory, Confidence (Courage/Fear Releasing), Depression Relief, Energy/Motivation, Health/Wellness, Joy/Inspiration, Love, Pain Relief, Passion (Libido Boost), Protection from Negativity, Stress Reduction, and Will Power.
One size fits most! Colors, style, stones may vary. 

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