Foo Fu Dogs 4 Inch Red Polystone

Foo Fu Dogs 4 Inch Red Polystone
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Ornate pair of Fu Dogs cast from Hong Tze resin, in a traditional red finish.
Feng Shui- Fu Dogs In Ancient China, statues of mythical creatures known as Fu Dogs were placed outside homes, palaces, and businesses to ward off evil spirits and keep thieves at bay. The Male dog is usually a bit larger, and has his foot resting upon a ball. This represents the world, or the home. The Female has her foot resting upon a baby Fu Dog, representing the family. Thus, the male protects the home, and the female protects the family.
Fu Dogs are traditionally placed at the front door, facing outward to protect the establishment behind them. For a more practical placement, simply place them just inside your front door to guard your home, or on your desk to guard your office area. Position the pair next to each other so that the foot that rests on the ground is on the outside, and the foot that is up is on the inside.
Size: 4" x 4"

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