Crystal Ball Lavender 40mm with Base & Silk Box

Crystal Ball Lavender 40mm with Base & Silk Box
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Thousands of enthusiasts around the world collect spheres, mostly because of their beauty and symmetrical appeal. Often, collectors are inspired not only by the intrinsic beauty of the sphere, but also the inherent vibrational properties associated with it. Lots of people collect Crystal Balls because of their sheer beauty alone!
This fine Crystal Ball is made from reconstituted Quartz Crystal. Manufactured by first pulverizing and then melting a powder of pure natural quartz and small percentage of glass. No lead is used in the process. The balls are then hand-carved from a solid clear block. The high quartz content results in a gorgeous and clear ball. Minor imperfections are normal and add to the character of the crystal - but are barely noticeable and do not detract from the quality.
Includes: Lavender Crystal Ball, Base, and Silk Box
Sizes available:
40mm or 1.60" Round
80mm or 3.20" Round
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